A Walk With The Butterflies

Video: The wild grasses at LettsSafari parks and gardens are busy with butterflies

Jul 7, 2023

LettsSafari parks all have large areas of wild, flowing grasses and wildflowers packed with all kinds of insects and small mammals. The most visible of which is the butterfly. We did a small video experiment (see above) by taking a single shot short film along a mowed path with wild grasses either side to see how many butterflies and moths would flit across. If you watch carefully you will count over 15 butterflies shooting past us in this short walk up the hill.

Resting up in the sun

The wonderful silver-washed fritillary, popular at LettsSafari parks, is a large fast flying butterfly, separated from other fritillaries by its pointed wings and silver streaks on the undersides which can be viewed as it stops to feed on flowers. It is seen here in a sunny ride, but it actually breeds in the shadier parts of an adjacent woodland. As a catepillar it feeds off common dog-violets.

A silver-washed fritillary in action

The habitats nearby are packed with wild flowers and shrubs - the perfect breeding ground for all kinds of insects.

Wild feeding grounds

In the video at the top you can also see a marbled white butterfly flitting in and out. It is a stunning match for the common blue when they dance around each other. And before you ask - there is nothing common about the ‘common blue butterfly’! It is very special.

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As the climate warms we may experience an increasing number of exotic butterflies flitting across the western world to the British isles. Heading straight for the haven of a LettsSafari park! Let’s imagine.

white and black monarch butterfly
Wild and exotic!

And finally, to help us relax after a busy week we offer a short, yet calming video of wild grasses gently flowing in the wind: To start the wind down before the weekend.

Loading video

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