A Winter Walk on the Wild Side - Final Part

The final rewilding safari video tour through Dawlish Park

The above video is the final part of our three part mini-series taking you on a single-shot winter walk through LettsSafari’s Dawlish Park. This magnificent 75 acre park has restored the fallow deer to their natural habitat and attracted an extraordinary collection of birds, butterflies and other insects. Small mammals abound - surrounded by 5,000 new trees and dense, thick scrub to hide in.

The black fallow has made Dawlish Park their new home. A natural, wild place for them to thrive in.

Getting a morning munch…

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The proliferation of birds has been a pleasure to experience. Owls at night. Small, medium and large birds throughout the day. Some hunting, some foraging and many simply hanging out.

“Oops, its getting light!”

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The more than 5,000 young trees planted here are a testament to what you can do with modern, biodiverse tree planting schemes. Now we have a myriad of interconnected copses - with oak, beach, birch, hazel, pine and chestnut surrounded by a variety of wild fruit trees. Wild grasses and wildflower weave between.

Planting schemes designed to rewild!

The alpaca are always lurking. On the watch so as to protect their smaller herbivore friends. They can also be found eating back the lower tree canopy and helping claw back some of the bracken. And they love a bit of gorse flower!

“I’m the boss here!”

This concludes our 3 part virtual winter tour. We hope that it helps you get a little closer to our nature. LettsSafari’s Dawlish Park is a place full of mystery and surprise, and still just a handful of years in the making. We have much to do to make it the full on rewilding safari park we dream of. But the place is already brimming with hope and promise.

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