An African Safari in England

LettsSafari parks provide unique settings that feel as wild and dynamic as the African bush


LettsSafari parks are unique in many different ways - but visitors, supporters and team members always remark on how the landscape compares to the African plains and the wild bush knotted across the extraordinary subcontinent. Time spent in these parks is like teleporting to a South African safari adventure - grounded in the western world. Even in England! (See video above).

LettsSafari parks resemble an African safari not just in the summer months. And not just when we experience a very hot, dry summer - but every summer and most of the year.

Wild grasses, wild tracks

It could be the wild grasses - strong and green in the spring, yellow throughout the summer and fading to a soft gold in the Autumn.

The golden glow of southwest England

It could be the natural light bouncing off the wild plants and meadows - with yellow and orange hues.


It could be the sights and sounds of the abundant wildlife in its wild, natural element.


It could be the surprise of a wild alpaca jumping out from the massive cover of bracken and bush.

Lazy grazing…

It could be the sight of herbivores lazily wandering across the park - half hidden in the tall, swaying wild grasses, jumping through wild scrub and sheltering under the towering, ancient trees.

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It could be the sight of deer hurtling across your path at full tilt - escaping some kind of surprise. Triggering the natural energy of flight.

All a flutter

It could be the experience of butterflies and bees darting from grass to grass and plant to plant in such volume - over a sizeable space.

And it could also be the shrill of a wild bird or prey.

Wild landscapes

Or it could just be the power of smaller-scale rewilding with a genuinely wild landscape benefiting from its liberation and the sheer energy of the carbon naturally captured within - driving the soil’s renewal and the extended biodiversity that it imbues. Forcing us, its human visitors, to humbly respect this raw and powerful beauty - not just once in a blue moon careering through the Kenyan foothills. But with us at all times on our own shores.

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Smaller-Scale Rewilding - an Introduction
At LettsSafari we are big believers in smaller-scale rewilding. We use a variety of green technology techniques to create our eco safari parks but this is one of the most important. As a result we are publishing a series on smaller-scale rewilding models and approaches. By the time we finish, it will add up to a book - the first major book published on …
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Coming to England?

Showing the way to a healthier outdoor experience and a real path toward the future. Solving the biodiversity crisis in practice. Removing carbon at scale - the natural way. Demonstrating the value of natural capital to any politician or financier with the smallest amount of vision.

If only every park and garden could be this way. A movement for the masses. One full of hope and one that can be afforded by all - cost of living crisis resilient.

That’s the LettsSafari way.

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