Autumn Wildflowers or a Claude Monet Painting In Motion?

Video: One of the most extraordinary new wildflower meadows begs some artistic questions.

Recently we visited one of the most beautiful new wildflower meadows at Aune Valley just a few miles from some of LettsSafari’s safari parks in southwest England. The video above captures it - and it inspired us to get out there and photograph wildflowers in the Autumn - at our safari parks and gardens and in other places. After all it has been a very warm Autumn!

Autumn light - Autumn life!

There’s something about the moody Autumn light illuminating wildflower - living and dead. Stems and heads become miniature natural sculptures.

End of season husks yield next years growth

Indeed, wildflowers this time of year yield to a natural artistic feel. Providing an uplifting follow-on from summer.

Nature and art collide…

Aune Valley’s meadow is almost like a Claude Monet painting from the wild pastures that surrounded Giverny.

And this was photographed in late September!

Other wildflower meadows are more like a Van Gogh vase?

yellow flowers under sunny sky
A Van Gogh arrangement?

But then the Robert Marshall MRSS installation at LettsSafari’s Exeter Capability Brown gardens are a current tribute to the magic and beauty of wild flowers.

Robert Marshall’s flowers stand over 2 metres tall. A monument to nature.

A part of Marshall’s 100 smaller flowers installation - metal with treated paint pot lids.

In our rewilded safari parks rods of foxglove attract the later pollinators still buzzing about at LettsSafari.

Swaying gently in the Autumn breeze

Mind you a picture can tell a thousand words. Thank you Van Gogh (in real life)!

A masterpiece of natural proportions

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