Letts Safari + is Expanding

Letts Safari + adds web channels along with tools for mass market rewilding

As the number of Letts Safari subscribers keeps climbing, we thought it was the right time to expand the scope of Letts Safari +. You know, your dedicated digital community and resource for all things Letts Safari - eco safari parks, safari gardens, wildlife photography and film - plus rewilding and wildlife gardening.

Our core promise to you, our subscribers is simple. Every 10 subscribers we plant a tree a year, every 100 subscribers we release a wild animal and every 10,000 subscribers we create a new Letts Safari park a year.

But, you also get access to Letts Safari + which not only brings you updates direct from our Letts Safari parks - so you can visit them virtually, but from today, on top of the main section of Letts Safari + we are adding 3 web channels - Wildlife Photography, Safari Gardens and Rewilding.

You not only get a more complete picture of what goes on across Letts Safari - its parks, projects and technology, but you will also learn how to create mini Letts Safari’s in your home, school, work and in the community. We see it as a Bloomberg for eco and rewilding - giving you the insights, learnings and tools. And we believe that ‘example’ is the key to learning.

Technology is everything at Letts Safari. The technology of rewilding fused with our ambition to virtualize the wild so everyone can participate - from anywhere. Our ultimate goal is to get to the point where the digital experience is just as powerful as the physical - maybe more. We call it ‘the Letts Safari metaverse’.

We hope you are enjoying Letts Safari +. If you have any suggestions we would love to hear from you.

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The more Letts Safari’s we create the more we spread the power of wild spaces and rewilding. And by doing this - the more we can all get to do something tangible and real about climate change.

As a Letts Safari member you will continue to get your weekly update direct to your inbox, but we have also added a new button linking you to Letts Safari +, reminding you to go and read the other good digital stuff (without emailing you). You might want to bookmark the page - just click the link below.

Letts Safari +

We hope you are enjoying Letts Safari + - a new digital social platform empowering each of us to make a wild climate difference.

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