Letts Safari Launches 'Wild TV' Channel

Letts Safari's new online video channel is dedicated to all things 'wild'

Letts Safari+, the digital platform for climate and biodiversity enthusiasts, is launching a new online channel dedicated to wild TV. The channel supports our vision of tackling the biodiversity crisis by creating and connecting people with wild, climate enhancing nature.

As LettsSafari.com emerges from its limited beta launch at the end of this year, and starts to widen its audience, with multiple rewilding safari parks in its network, we believe it is the right time to develop a moving image offering.

Our new channel, ‘Wild TV’, will initially offer 'wild' shorts from Letts Safari parks, rewilding projects, wildlife conservation, climate and more by Jem McCluskey, our wild filmmaker-in-residence.

Only subscribers to Letts Safari can view our new channel ‘Wild TV’. So make sure to become a member today.

To protect Letts Safari parks and their wildlife, and to keep many of them private with optimal carbon footprints, our members visit them online. We give you a front row seat with wildlife photography, stories and video. That way we can also help you to create a mini Letts Safari in your backyard at work, school or community.

Behind the scenes our technology team is working to architect next generation networking systems for the future of Letts Safari parks with real-time, connected film, audio and photography to enhance your ‘front row seat’ at these vital spaces, bringing them ever closer to your home and your lives. Towards the end of next year, this new approach will deliver ‘live stream from the safari parks’.

Our long term technology mission is to create an immersive metaverse for the wild. Virtual, interactive and educational. You experience Letts Safari digitally to support and expand physical, eco-optimised spaces. Learning, sharing and creating Letts Safari parks and gardens together - tackling the biodiversity crisis en masse.

We hope you enjoy our new ‘Wild TV’ channel.

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