Peachicks on the Run!

Who knew our latest visitor to Sunrise Park had chicks: LettsSafari's very own roadrunners!

Aug 11, 2023

We thought it was time for a little light summer entertainment. Peachick style!

As we posted previously, a peahen has graced LettsSafari’s Sunrise Park. But it seems she was not alone. She has given birth to 3 little peachicks! We bumped into her as she sped off with them hot in tow scrambling to keep up [see the video above]. They were filmed, just a few weeks old, running under the cover of her skirt. No prizes for spotting the chicks.

It seems LettsSafari has its own Roadrunner’s in the making!

Our very own living looney tunes. Let’s hope the peahen keeps them away from the foxes.

We look forward to seeing how LettsSafari’s 3 little pesky peachicks develop at Sunrise Park. We’ll keep you posted.

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