Safari Garden Video Tour - Part 1

The first in a series of video tours of Devon's rewilded Capability Brown gardens

The video above takes you on a short tour of the lower rewilded gardens at Exeter’s Capability Brown gardens, a part of the LettsSafari Network of Parks. The lower gardens feature wild grasses and wild flowers surrounded by copses of magnolia, maple and willow trees. A new wetland area supports reeds and wild scrub.

See if you can spot one of the southwest’s tallest trees!

We hope you enjoy the video tour (top of page), the first of a series on the amazing 15 acre Capability Brown gardens on the outskirts of Exeter - one of the first safari gardens and a unique historic garden rewilding project.

Capability Brown cedar trees frame the views and provide vast homes for wildlife

Find out how to create your very own safari garden in your backyard, school, workplace or in the community.

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Wildflowers abound in the spectacular lower gardens. Nearly all of them have been naturally grown. They nestle in among the environmental art that adorns the place.

Reflections of the wild…

Newly planted ninety year old olive trees line the mowed paths in the sun soaked lower gardens. A haven of relaxation. For wildlife and humans.

There are worse places to catch your breath!

You can now also visit Exeter’s rewilded Capability Brown gardens in-person via Devon Sculpture Park. Yep, LettsSafari is starting to take you offline!

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