Safari Garden Video Tour - Part 2

A magical tour of the inner gardens at Devon's Capability Brown gardens


The above video takes you on a short tour of the inner gardens at Exeter’s rewilded Capability Brown gardens, a part of the LettsSafari Network of Parks. The inner gardens feature wild flowers surrounded by streams, bog gardens and flower beds surrounded by small copses of magnolia, eucalyptus and maple trees which lead up to the famed Robert Adam Orangery, one of the UK’s finest historic seaside houses.

We hope you enjoy the video tour (top of page), the second in a series on the amazing 15 acre Capability Brown gardens on the outskirts of Exeter - one of the first safari gardens and a unique historic garden rewilding project.

The sun rises behind the Exe estuary and sets above it

Sunsets over the inner gardens can be truly breathtaking. A red glow lights up these intimate gardens packed full of oversized plants, trees and shrubs. The Gunnera plants have leaves the size of an elephant’s ear and some stand over eight feet tall!

Giant gunnera indeed!

Two ancient streams flow off Haldon Hill through the inner gardens. They are connected by a forty foot long sculptural leat, installed by southwest sculptor Matt Dingle, and made of galvanised steel trays that can even carry water plants. A number of other environmental sculptures are hidden in the beds, one of the longest continuous flower beds in England.

Belle Cole’s Poppy series part hidden in the inner gardens

A constantly rotating collection of flowering plants with water plants, climbing plants, rare plants, flowering shrubs and trees, including magnolia, cherry and dogwood, are supported by wild grasses and wild flowers that, between them, host a plethora of insects, birds and bats. The butterfly flit from feast to feast in droves.


An endless playground for insects

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The cascading sea vistas from the inner Capability Brown gardens are adorned with bold, environmental, contemporary art installations.

Robert Marshall MRSS surrounded by his ‘Portals’ installations

You can now also visit Exeter’s rewilded Capability Brown gardens in-person via Devon Sculpture Park. Visitor numbers and dates are limited.

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