Sunrise Lighting Up LettsSafari!

Cleaner air, purer water and less pollution makes for a clearer sunrise

Sunrise at LettsSafari will hopefully rejuvinate you on a wet, Autumn day (see video above). There is something special about the early morning chatter of wildlife and birdsong. The shrill bellowing of domineering stags surrounded by crisp, bright skies - which somehow feel clearer than usual.

The rewilding techniques we use across the LettsSafari Network of Parks remove carbon, clean the water and purify the air yielding, amongst other things, a brighter, more intense sunrise. Our photographers bask in it.

The glow of sunrise through massive, ancient cedars planted by Capability Brown
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Smaller-Scale Rewilding - an Introduction
At LettsSafari we are big believers in smaller-scale rewilding. We use a variety of green technology techniques to create our eco safari parks but this is one of the most important. As a result we are publishing a series on smaller-scale rewilding models and approaches. By the time we finish, it will add up to a book - the first major book published on …
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Framing the vista. A portal to the south coast.

A portal with a view

Did you know that certain kinds of lichen that grow on trees help measure the air purity. It’s the natural way!


Orange and gold hues are enhanced. Highlighting habitats, wildlife and nature.



The early morning is a hive of activity - - birds, insects and mammals clutter about. Stags can be heard wrestling antlers to clear away the competition. Young deer hide and watch the hustings.

Staying alert

Insects love the sun-drenched warmth of the morning. Dew still dripping.

A morning snack

No camera could further enhance this natural phenomenon of colour. It gets us going early in the morning!

Sunrise over Exmouth

LettsSafari’s Friday posts ‘straight from the park’ are designed to inspire you for the weekend. Perhaps even getting you out and about to create a mini LettsSafari in your backyard, school, work or in the community.

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