Video Tour of the Unique Inner Gardens at Capability Brown's Rewilding Masterpiece

Video Tour: The rewilded inner gardens are a dizzying eco display

Aug 4, 2023

The 5 acre inner gardens at Exeter’s Capability Brown gardens are a series of cascading layers packed with wildlife friendly plants, grasses, shrubs and trees. Some of the world’s rarest flora and fauna are now accumulating in this natural biosphere. A place that was one of the first advanced rewilding gardens. The video above takes you on a dizzying tour of the lower northern section.

About half way through the video you can see what looks like a tall monkey puzzle tree and in fact is one of the world's rarest. There are just a small handful left. It forms part of an attempt to conserve rare species in this extraordinary place.

Just a handful of this rare, elegant species remain

This LettsSafari project, many years in the making, now attracts visitors from across the country.

The second video (below) shows the marvel of the terrace gardens. Dozens of different species appear between cracks, stones and stairs. Climbing plants add yet another layer. This approach attracts wildlife all the way up to the front door of the famed Robert Adam Orangery. As Lancelot Capability Brown advocated.

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Between the paving stones - a self seeding giant yellow verbascum reigns tall.

Giant verbascum now seed naturally here


The beds are a marvel packed with shrubs and small trees for cover, while bursting with plants for pollinators and birds. Wildflower and tall grasses run right up to the beds - a new-style wilder, shabby chic approach that could become the new trend in eco gardening circles.

A pollinators all-you-can-eat buffet

The insects that are attracted to these inner gardens defy gravity. A lesson for us all.

Butterflies are everywhere. It’s like these gardens are a magnet.

Capability Brown would be proud.

Capability Brown near where he resided in Hammersmith, London

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