Walk on the Wild Side - Part 1

Video: A frosty morning walk through the heart of LettsSafari's Dawlish Park.

Early morning walks through LettsSafari’s growing Network of Parks can be quite an experience. The places are silent, except for the squelching of boots and the sound of wildlife. We wanted to share a walk on the wild side.

The video above is the first in a three part Wild TV series through the heart of Dawlish Park: ‘The inner track’.

We captured a rare frost for this part of the world - just to get you in the mood for Christmas.

Views out to sea - a storm’s on the way!

Tracks meander through 18 year old trees and open scrub - wild grasses in between. The birdsong is constant - along with the scuttling of pheasant, deer and fox.

Frosty path through the open scrub. A paradise for birds and small mammals

Sometimes we even bump into each other!

We’re both a little surprised to see each other!


Red sky in the morning…

The sunrise drenches a 500 year old oak tree

Next week we will share ‘Walk on the Wild Side Part 2’ - a wander around Dawlish Park’s outer track. With yet more sea views!

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