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We create rewilding safari parks. Built together - visited online. One tree, one animal, one new park at a time. LettsSafari + is our Member website.

Visit our public website at LettsSafari.com.

How LettsSafari works

1. You subscribe

Do something about climate change – one tree, one animal, one new rewilding safari park at a time. Subscribe to LettsSafari from £4.50 a month.

2. We build parks

Together we plant trees, save animals and build new parks. Our first rewilding safari parks are in southwest England. The next one could be up to you.

3. You safari online

Get a front row seat at our safari parks. Immersive video, wildlife photography and exciting stories transport you to the wild.

Why LettsSafari?

Let’s create a better planet together - become a member of LettsSafari. By subscribing, you will be funding the development of LettsSafari; planting a tree, introducing new species, even establishing new safari parks to widen the scale of rewilding.

Every 10 subscribers we plant a tree a year. Every 100 subscribers we introduce a wild animal a year. Every 10,000 subscribers we create a new safari park a year. Our first safari parks are in southwest England. If you have a 20+ acre park you can join the LettsSafari Network of parks.

Each tree we plant removes 1 tonne of CO2. Help us reduce emissions, save wildlife and build more parks. Learn to create a wildlife haven in your backyard, at work, school and in your community. Get a front row seat at our parks with immersive video, wildlife photography and stories.

What you get

You get to genuinely do something about climate change. Your subscription goes to planting trees, saving endangered wildlife and opening new LettsSafari parks.

You also get access to LettsSafari + and receive a weekly update direct to your inbox - a short video, stunning photography or a wild story. Published every Friday - to get you in the mood for the weekend! LettsSafari + will even show you how to build a mini LettsSafari in your backyard, work, school and community. Become an expert in rewilding, wildlife gardening and eco living.

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