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Birdsong at Dawn

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Birdsong at Dawn

A cacophony of birdsong highlights the magic of LettsSafari parks

The sounds of dawn from a small woodland glade at LettsSafari.

The birds at LettsSafari parks are a sight to see. From great white egrets and wild duck enjoying the lakes to goshawk, buzzard and peregrine falcon hunting for prey. We have a great many species across LettsSafari. Each year we seem to attract more. Our amazing wildlife photographers bring you a few of them.

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Rat tat tat. Woodpeck heck!


The Nightingale is everyone’s dream.

Birds of prey soar endlessly across our parks reminding us of the abundance of small mammals.

Where’s that mouse gone?

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Letts Talk about doing something about climate change. Straight from the safari park. Wildlife included!
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