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Sounds from a Letts Safari Park

Sounds from a Letts Safari Park

'Straight from the park' brings you some morning birdsong... and more

Letts Safari parks are not all about what we see, or learn, or do. Some of the real magic comes from ‘what we hear’.

Hit play in the podcast above. Pump up the volume, sit back, close your eyes and take a front row seat at Letts Safari surrounded by wildlife, bush and birdsong.

We have hundreds of different species of birds at our first safari park. There are way too many to name. So we thought we’d share just a few - for now…

Originally Cirl Buntings dropped in from North Africa. Now breeding here

Our 10,000 trees give the birds plenty of places to rest, nest and raise a family. The scrub, wild hedgerow, open grassland, wetland and lakes give them food, cover and space to roam. And all the above remove carbon.

The White Egret drops in for the fish

Water is vital for birds - including wetland, pond, streams, lakes, bog, puddles - even a bucket!

The Buzzard drops in for the rabbits

Letts Safari Parks focus on getting the ecosystem right. Designing in habitats for wildlife. First we worry about creating the right environment for insects. Insects bring birds. Birds bring predators. Predators provide great photo-ops!

Birds mostly like insects, bugs, berries and seed. The more variety of food, habitat, waterway and cover - the more variety of bird.

Tell us about your favorite birds - in your garden, park, school or at work.

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Our Woodpeckers drop in to make holes in trees

Lots of wood helps. Wood from trees, wood lying down. Wood in hedgerow. Wood in stacks.

Wood on the ground provides a breeding base for bugs, bacteria and fungi. They improve the soil naturally supporting more plants, bugs and insects - that in turn support the birds. It's kinda circular.

[Tip: to breed bugs and bacteria lay wood on the ground and let it slowly rot. Make sure the wood is at least 8 inches in diameter.]

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And this little guy drops in for the eggs!

At our first Letts Safari park in Mamhead Park we have plenty of rabbits and mice. That way our predators don't eat too many eggs. Including the cheeky fox cub above!

See you next Friday and remember you can always reach us on twitter.

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Letts Talk about doing something about climate change. Straight from the safari park. Wildlife included!
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