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Putting The Wilderness in Your Backyard

3 videos to inspire a little 'wild' for our year end wishes

As we head towards the end of 2023 we wanted to share 3 little videos that uncover 3 settings for ‘wilderness’ - one small, one medium and one large. In 2024 we should all want to add a little ‘wild’ to our giddyup for our health, our happiness and our natural environment. Because if we don’t, who will? And if COP28 tells us anything it's that saving this planet is going to be up to each of us!

The video above, taken just a few days ago shares a couple of the hidden paths of Exeter’s Capability Brown gardens with small streams running beside. The first path is cut through wild beds packed with insects (and birds). In the middle of December! The power of ‘small’ wild.

In the video below we take a look at a recently rewilded corner of Dawlish Park. Young trees mix with ancient Monterey pines from ancient times. This small section is now teaming with wild biodiversity, bird life and wildlife. The power of ‘medium’ sized wild.

Last we would like to share a powerful short documentary from The Guardian - The Winterkeeper at Yellowstone Park. A veritable modern day Santa in the large scale ‘wild’.


We can all put a little bit of ‘wild’ in our backyard. Will you?

We hope that in 2024, along with all the work we do to protect and expand LettsSafari parks, we will inspire you to add a little more wild to your backyard, outdoor work or community spaces. Because more than ever it is up to us to make the climate difference.

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