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Walk on the Wild Side: The Top of LettsSafari's Dawlish Park Uncovered

Narrated video: The hidden secrets of the top corner of Dawlish Park - from mini-forest valley to wild pasture and deep into a scrub jungle.

The latest narrated video (above) takes you on a short tour of the top section of LettsSafari’s Dawlish Park. It is perhaps the most spectacular part. Taking you from a hidden basin right in the centre of the new woods, to a small woodland glade and out into wild prairie.

We thought we would conclude this mini series of narrated video tours through the new woods at Dawlish Park with a look at a couple of its wild inhabitants.

Foxes are well settled into Dawlish Park. The scrub and wild grasses provide cover so they can hunt at dawn and dusk. You often find them shadowing the latest prey.

Face to face with the real magic of Dawlish Park

The small group of wild badger faces love this place. They wander the open prairie in the early evening, heading across the valley to the old woods where they rest at night. They keep creeping bramble and nettle in check. They are a pleasure to film and photograph.

The wild prairie with badger faces wandering through - a mini-bison for a mini LettsSafari park.

A herd of black fallow have become permanent residents in Dawlish Park. The stags bellowing in the Autumn echo’s through the steep valley in the heart of the new woods. Their presence makes for a powerful safari experience year round.

The king of Dawlish Park

This 75 acre model LettsSafari park is a haven in the fast expanding city that surrounds it. It's environmental work helping underpin this regions credentials.

In the coming months we will share our approaches for building smaller-scale rewilding parks. From a small 10 acre LettsSafari park right up to a 75 acre park like Dawlish Park. We hope this will inspire you to push your local parks to follow a similar, wilder dimension. After all, England alone has 27,000 of them.

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